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1 of 2 NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Oral Cancers, 2018 This NCCNQUICK GUIDE tm sheet summarizes key points from the complete NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® : Oral Cancers . T hese guidelines explain which tests and treatments are recommended by experts in cancer. To view and download the guidelines, visit patients or, to order printed copies, visit What are oral cancers? They are cancers of the inner lip and mouth. Most form from cells in the first tissue layer. 8 What are cancer stages? „„ A cancer stage is a rating of the cancer based on test results. Stages for oral cancer range from stage 0 to stage 4. Stage 4 is further grouped by the letters A through C. Doctors write these stages as—stage 0, stage I, stage II, stage III, stage IVA, stage IVB , and stage IVC. 12 What health care is given before treatment? „„ A report of your health history and an exam of your body 16 „„ Help for distress or tobacco use, if needed 17 „„ An exam of your teeth and mouth by a dentist and maybe by a prosthodontist 18 „„ An x-ray of your entire mouth, called a Panorex, if needed 18 „„ Detailed images of your mouth, neck, or chest, if needed (ie, CT scan, MRI scan) 19 „„ Detailed pictures with PET/CT scan for stage II or IV is an option 19 „„ An exam to assess if anesthesia is safe, if needed 20 „„ An exam of your throat with a scope, if needed 20 „„ Removal of tissue samples to test for cancer 21 „„ Help with eating or talking, if needed 21 NCCN Guidelines for Patients ® Page Number Ü NCCN GUIDELINES FOR PATIENTS ® NCCN QUICK GUIDE tm Oral Cancers 2018