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Global Academy Date > 26 September 2019 > Enroll Now!

Global Academy Location > Hotel Miramar Barcelona / Barcelona, Spain




NCCN Global Academy for Excellence & Leadership in Oncology™: School of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Business will take place on the 26 September at the Hotel Miramar Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

During this program, pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals will be given the rare opportunity to view the global oncology space, its future and its current operational issues from the provider, payer, and patient advocate perspective. Participants will improve their working knowledge of key global business, policy, informational, and operational issues in oncology and will gather valuable insights to develop effective strategies for navigating worldwide cancer care issues. Through this interactive program, pharmaceutical and biotech professionals will learn from key stakeholders what they view to be the most pressing issues in the global oncology environment and how to apply this knowledge to create mutually successful working relationships.

Professionals from marketing, sales, advocacy, medical affairs, clinical research, international programs, policy and government affairs, and other business areas will better be able to serve their customers with improved knowledge of real-world oncology issues after completion of this program.

Please check back often for additional updates regarding this program. If you have any questions, please contact Caitlin Donnelly, Senior Global Business Development Specialist.


Module I:
Global Resources - Meet NCCN Guidelines® Panel and Collaborative Experts

Module II:
Initiatives and Best Practices for Adoption of Guidelines to Ensure Access to High Quality Care

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